Eight months of decision making, planning, and saving was the start.

After taking ..

7 planes

17 Train rides

10 Buses

6 Taxis

3 Hitchhiking rides

and walking hundreds of miles…

This brought me to ..

13 countries in Europe including:

Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, The Vatican, France, Scotland, and back to Ireland.

Through these countries I experienced ..

The Tour de France in London

Jumping off a 35ft rock in Greece

Driving a Ferrari through the mountains of Maranello, Italy

Celebrating the world cup win for Germany in Cologne, Germany

Watching a film at the International Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Just to name a few..

But most importantly meeting friends that have changed the way I view this beautiful world and that I will forever be grateful for was incredible.
THANK YOU to all of my supporters.

To put this trip into words would be impossible. The lessons I have learned and the experiences I have had are irreplacable and priceless.

Farewell Europe. I will be back. You were AMAZING.


One important thing I have learned is that it is not until you start moving that everything starts to become visible. Travel to me means visibility. I cannot express the importance.