Hello all! I am pleased to say that I am currently writing this post from London Heathrow airport, 7:36 local time 1:36 in CST (my hometown).  I am well on my way to Kenya and survived the first major leg of the journey. After waking up at 3am, leaving Nola to Miami at 8:39 on a two hour flight and then waiting in Miami for a six hour layover until my next flight to London which lasted eight and a half hours, I am quite lethargic, exhausted, and probably not in the clearest mindset to be typing this! Not to mention I have strep throat which doesn’t help anything, only worsens my feelings of exhaustion and jet lag. Luckily for me I am about to get on another plane ride from London to Nairobi which will last about eight and a half hours.


The Pontchartrain Bridge from my flight to Miami.  

Underneath all of the extreme amount of traveling and illness I am going through to get to Africa, I must say I am still very excited. Mentally its been a weird day for me. I wasn’t nervous or stressed about the trip, but I must say it never hit me. Its still hasn’t hit me. Whilst having an already unclear mindset it’s a strange feeling to wake up and think everything about your life’s scenery is about to get extremely different. Its strange because the most excited you are is when you form the idea, when you make the decision to do something like this. That is when things are exciting. Its a totally different ballgame following through.


Boeing 747 jet for my flight to London Heathrow operated by British Airways.

To all the wonderful people who read my blog and enjoy my updates I thank you and will be trying to post as often as I can but I will surely try to make a post every Sunday. I however can make no promises as I have no clue what my situation in Africa will be. I don’t know If I will have easy access to wifi or not but regardless I will do what I can. If you’d like to get in touch with me my email is colelbrian@gmail.com . I would love to hear from anyone for any reason it may be.

Also traveling tip I just learned. If your traveling on an extensive trip like I am (30hrs of traveling), please do yourself a favor and bring yourself a toothbrush and small bottle of toothpaste with your carry on. Not brushing your teeth for so long and having so many meals and drinks is terrible. Unfortunately I will have to wait until I get the pleasure of brushing my teeth again. So yea there you go.

Okay everyone, Im going to try last the next couple of hours in London before my flight and hopefully I will sleep on the plane. I look forward to updating again when I am in Nairobi, Kenya!