Well things are really starting to get serious now as I just finished my last day of work. The AT is so close I can’t believe it and it feels like everything is going in slow motion honestly. As much as I have to do I can’t seem to do anything but sit still and think. Its like my brain is just trying to process all that is happing and trying to understand the choices I’ve made and whats going to happen next week when I start the trail.


The countdown hit zero today.

Leaving work was not easy. I have worked at Contrast Films for exactly a year and quite simply its been the best job I have ever had in my life. The lessons learned from Chase, Jordy and Adam at Contrast are invaluable and I will take the wisdom learned with me wherever I go. Chase and Jordy (my bosses) never really felt like bosses truthfully. They felt like great friends and mentors. I can’t explain how refreshing it is to have that in a job. I got to work with people I truly loved.


“Thanks for Nothing” How fitting is that?!

They gave me a lovely and delicious cake which we ate while viewing my documentary about our Road trip back in December. SO this past January the team at Contrast bought a Mercedes Sprinter van From Bellingham, Washington (north of Seattle) and we road tripped it back to Baton Rouge over the course of 6 days. LOTS of driving was done. I filmed the whole journey and made a little documentary about it. Which I will link right below. It was an incredible experience and Id love for you to check it out!

Well things change and my adventure awaits. Tonight I will have a last minute going away party with my family and friends. I look forward to everything except for the goodbyes.


Farewell Contrast