Hello All! Sorry It has been so long since I have last made a post. I have been truthfully very busy with traveling and adventures. I have not had much downtime. I write now from Rome, Italy and have been in Italy for the past two weeks which has been great. So let me summarize all thats happened and the things I have done since then.

Since my last post I was in Bosnia on my way to Sarajevo. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, was a good time for me. I made a lot of new friends and was able to catch a movie at the Sarajevo International Film Festival. I learned more about the war in Bosnia and was able to explore an abandoned Olympic bob sled course.


At the end of my time in Sarajevo I was hesitant about what to do with the rest of my trip. I wanted to get to Italy but was not so sure of how or when. I knew my trip is coming slowly to an end and there is a lot left in Europe Id like to see. So luckily for me, I met two Italian guys from Milan in Sarajevo, who were driving back to Milan the day I planned to leave. They offered me a ride and I happily accepted. So we went from Sarajevo to Zagreb, Croatia, stayed one night in Zagreb, then left the next day for Trieste where they dropped me off at the train station. I told them my goodbyes and took a train to Venice!


Venice was an Incredible city. Around every corner in this incredible city beauty was to be seen. While it was quite touristy, expensive, and crowded in some places, I stayed outside of the city at night and avoided the crowded main areas of the Island. To my surprise it was quite a peaceful, quiet, and beautiful place if you knew where to go.


I can’t say I did anything extraordinary in Venice. I simply just walked around and enjoyed the beauty of the city. My hostel was quite antisocial so I was not able to meet anyone. Although alone it was an enjoyable part of the trip.

After Venice I took a train to Verona for a night, then went to Bologna for a couple nights the next day. Bologna was a nice city with a few cool sites but nothing quite made it worth my while. Until I took a day trip to Ferrari. So if you don’t already know, I have always been a big fan of Ferrari. I absolutely love the cars and dream of owning one some day. The Ferrari HQ is located in Maranello, Italy, not far from Bologna. I took a day trip out to Maranello with a guy I met at the hostel from Singapore named Brian. It was quite possibly Ferrari heaven in Maranello. All the cafes and shops were Ferrari themed and there were Ferraris driving around just about everywhere. We took tons of pictures, visited the museum, and viewed the Ferrari HQ from out front. The highlight of this trip however, was when I drove my first Ferrari.

I took the opportunity to drive a Ferrari F430 Spyder in Maranello Italy. I was able to drive my first Ferrari with incredible happiness and delight through the mountains of Maranello Italy, in the city where Ferraris are made. The thrill was everything I had hoped for and the opportunity to do this was priceless. While driving the Ferrari and seeing the HQ was a big tick off my bucket list, owning one is next!

After Bologna I went to Florence for a few days. Not much to say about Florence. Some people love it and I enjoyed it but cannot say I did much in the city. I just walked around, ate and Ran through the city. While florence had many sites to be seen none of them showed any interest to me. So off I went after Florence to a better place…

…Cinque Terre!!

Cinque Terre was one of the most incredible places I have been so far on my trip. If you don’t know, Cinque Terre stands for “5 villages”. So five different villages are spread out among the coast here and you have the ability to hike to each one of them through some of the most beautiful hiking trails I have ever been on. I quickly made friends at my hostel and we set out to hike Cinque Terre.


I can’t express my happiness for coming to this place. I recommend anyone traveling to visit here.


I made a good friend from Melbourne, Australia, named Elliot, in Cinque Terre and we decided to travel to Rome together. So as you can imagine, Rome is next!


Rome has been not what I expected but equally a great experience. Its so crazy visiting cities that are so Iconic and having your expectations meet the reality. My expectations were lowered than what I had previously thought about Rome, but that doesn’t mean its not an amazing city. I think when I thought of a place like Rome I thought about history, and perfection, but when you get there its just a big city with really iconic, historic sites, and a lot, I mean a lot, of tourist.

Me and Elliot however have been enjoying the city and walking everywhere. We have seen most of the great famous sites like the Vatican City, and the Colosseum.

My trip is sadly coming to an end with only two and a half weeks left to go. I do not wish for this trip to end as it had become such an important event in my life. I will never be the same after this trip and am not sure how I will go home from this amazing journey. If this trip has taught me anything however, it is that I can overcome anything.

Tomorrow I fly from Rome to Paris, then after a couple days in Paris I fly to Edinburgh, Scotland. I will visit Scotland for about a week then visit Ireland for a week until I return home.