So I just wanted to make a quick update on some changes and additions I have made on my gear. I have had some very helpful feedback from people over on the r/Appalachiantrail subreddit on Reddit regarding my gear. This is also going to be a my first test post from my cellphone to be sure that I will be able to properly post updates while along the trail. 

So things I won’t be bringing anymore: 

Kindle– I’ve decided if I want to read I’ll use the kindle app on my phone and it’s not necessary to bring a whole separate device for that. 

Hard drive– The plan was to bring a hard drive with me and dump footage along the way when I could find a computer. However after some helpful advice I’ve decided to leave it behind and purchase extra SD cards which I will mail home when full and have mailed back to me after they have been dumped.

Tyvek tent footprint– This was going to be added protection for my tent as he material seemed very fragile however it was noted that this was an unnecessary precaution and that if I am sure I don’t place the tent on any sharp rocks or sticks in the first place I should be fine. 

Things I’ve added:

Deuce of Spades trowel (for digging holes to poop in (yes that’s something I’ll have to do..)) 

Lost Horizons Beanie

Smartwool Tech liner gloves 

128gb SD card

Dr Bronners Soap – for cleaning of course.

So after weighing my pack without consumables (water, gas, and food) my bag weights 20lbs 4oz. My pack with camera gear included is 23lbs 10oz. Consumables typically add 10lbs of weight when fully stocked so I can expect to be carrying approximately 33-34lbs throughout the trip barring any major changes. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the list and the update. 12 work days left and April 8th is coming quicker than I can imagine!!!