Hello all. It has been a while since my last trip and I am please to announce that I will be going on a new adventure soon!
This summer I will be traveling to Kenya, Africa!

As you can Imagine my desire to travel the world has only increased every day since I have returned from my previous journey to Europe. A few weeks ago, as I was pondering what my plans were to be for my future I had two things in mind, going back to school and traveling. I have decided to return to school in pursuit of a goal to achieve a higher education and will begin in the fall of this year. However my heart desires to travel, therefore I knew I had to plan something.

As I am a fortunate person in health and life I have had a desire to reach out to those in need and to do something for the greater good of humanity, thus I will be volunteering for four weeks in Nairobi, Kenya. Africa has been at the top of my list in places to explore for some time now and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to take this trip and also be helping people in the process.

I feel I have a clear philosophy for why I am doing this trip in the manner of volunteering. Connecting with other human beings in a way to better understand other cultures  and provide assistance to those in need will likely be a rewarding and life changing experience. I desire to use my life in a way which will positively impact, inspire, or motivate other people no matter who they may be. My drive is happiness and my motivation is the chance to be free and explore.

I will be gone for six and a half weeks starting on June 12th until July 29th of 2015. My volunteer program will only be for four weeks and about two and a half weeks at the end I will use to travel and explore east Africa independently. My volunteer program is with an organization based out of New Zealand called International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ)

Here is there website for anyone interested in pursuing a similar path or wanting more information on my specific program. https://www.volunteerhq.org

I look forward to this trip and will be posting more updates from now on including during the trip.